Animal Communications is taught at The School for Good by Princess Uma during the first book. It is used by Evergirls for their defensive weapons. Their first lesson is how to use Wish Fish.

After Dean Dovey decides to support gender equality at the School for Good, Animal Communications is taught to Evergirls and Everboys. The Ever Never Handbook mentions the new courses for Animal Communications:

  • First years have to take Animal Communications, with units such as Wish Fish, How to Deal with a Rabid Rodent, Mogrif or Animal and Common Animal Language Phrases.
  • Second years have to take Advanced Animal Linguistics, where students choose an animal language for fluency.
  • Third years can take Animal Communication: Study Abroad, where students stay with a host animal family in the Endless Woods, or Animal Communication: Mogrif Grooming and Training, for Mogrifs only to become accustomed to their new forms.