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Anya of the Woods Beyond was a young girl from the village of Gavaldon. She was taken 50 years before Sophie and Agatha to the School for Good where she became the Little Mermaid.

Personality Edit

Anya was described as sweet. Her soul was good and pure enough for her to earn her a place in the School for Good. She was a hard worker as she became a leader despite being new to the world of fairy tales. Anya was a kind woman who cared about other creatures and dedicated her life to helping them.

Appearance Edit

The Ever Never Handbook depicts her as a beautiful young woman with a pale, soft complexion, slim, hourglass figure and dark auburn hair. For her Snow Ball, she wore a beautiful mermaid dress of light sea green with a pattern resembling fish scales. The hem was dark blue and shaped like waves with gold edges. Her gloves were dark sea green with dangling strands of shimmering beads. Her left arm and shoulder were covered in a translucent cloth with fin-like frills on her shoulder. Her hair was held up in a bun with a crown of white coral and she wore pink shell earrings and a pearl necklace.

Abilities Edit

When she was a mermaid, Anya had the power to live beneath the sea while her fish tail made her a skilled swimmer. She could also communicate with aquatic creatures.

Background Edit

School Days Edit

Anya was taken by the School Master along with Estra. Anya attended the School for Good and while as a Reader she was new to the Endless Woods, she was a student who graduated as a leader. Somehow, after her graduation, she became a mermaid.

Her Story Edit

Anya's tale was set in motion when she saved a prince from drowning. She fell in love with him and decided to leave home in order to find true love. She went Estra, a fellow Reader who was taken the same year and had become the Sea Witch. Estra granted Anya's wish and she became human but lost her beautiful voice. Anya got her happily ever after in the end and Estra died. The exact details are unknown.

Unfortunately, many years later during the Tale of Sophie and Agatha, Estra the Sea Witch returned from the dead as a zombie and murdured Anya.

Legacy Edit

Before she died, Anya started a foundation for the education of young Mer-People and it will continue in honour of her memory. Anya's tale remains as one of the most beloved throughout the Woods and under the sea. Young girls saw her as a trailblazer for her courageous decision to leave home in search of true love.

Trivia Edit

  • Anya's story is more close to the Disney version where the mermaid gets the prince. In Hans Christian Andersen's original story, the mermaid dies and becomes sea foam.
  • Her name begins with A like Ariel, Disney's Little Mermaid.
  • Her favourite reef is a historical landmark.
  • The Groom Room has a Little Mermaid Lagoon (now with waterfall shower).
  • Her Snow Ball accessories were hand-crafted by some of her underwater friends.