Quotation1 Show them... Show them the truth... Quotation2
Bane during the Circus of Talents

Bane was the kid from Gavaldon that would bite all of the pretty girls. He was taken along with Garrick.


Bane is only described during the Circus of Talents when Agatha grants his wish. He is stated to be bald and black-robed. His cheeks were sunken and tear-stained.


Sometime before the start of the series, he failed at his school and was turned into the fairy that Agatha almost eats when she gets to the School for Good.

In the first book, in the Theater of Tales, he wishes that Agatha shows the students the truth. He is the only fairy who successfully escapes the ravens that Sophie sends to kill the wolves and other fairies.

Towards the end, he saves Agatha, but his action was stated to have been "life-draining". As she takes her first breath, he takes his last and dies in her hand.