Belle is a child in Gavaldon. She is the daughter of Gunilda, she is described to be a kind, loving and generous girl who would give her own homecooked meals to her father and the homeless hag in the village. She is envied by Sophie because almost everyone in the village believes that Belle will be taken for the School for Good. On the day of kidnapping, Belle had her head shaven, dress filthy, kneeling in dirt, frantically muddying her own face.


Belle is extremely beautiful and kind, and her name means 'Beauty'. Her name is coincidentally the same as 'Belle' in Beauty and the Beast.


Belle is Gunilda's daughter. Not much is known about her early life, except that she read fairy tales and lived in Gavaldon. When she was 12, she shaved her head to avoid being taken to the School for Good and Evil. She always made her father warm meals.

In Gavaldon, Belle is known to be Sophie's competition for the Good person to go to the school, until she was found to shave her head.

She brings her father home-cooked meals like cheese souffles and feeds the hag in the square the left-overs.