The Blue Forest lies between the School For Good and Evil and the Endless Woods. it exists to remind students of the dangerous Woods that they will have to survive in their fairy tale.

Geography Edit

The Blue Forest appears as a much brighter and friendlier version of the Endless Woods. Everything in it, from the trees to the flowers to the grass and stones is a shade of blue varying from baby blue to turquoise to indigo. It is also full of wildlife, from deer to hummingbirds, to stymphs.

Locations Edit

The Blue Forest has lots of locations, with varying wildlife and shades of blue:

  • Tulip Garden
  • Pumpkin Patch
  • Sleeping Willows
  • Blueberry Fields
  • Fern Field
  • Blue Brook
  • Cyan Caves
  • Pine Glen
  • Turquoise Thicket

History Edit

Pre-School Master Era Edit

Before the creation of the Blue Forest, many students, both Good and Evil died at the hands of the Woodland monsters before they could battle each other. Students were taught how to survive in the Endless Woods but most students died during class.

The Creation of the Forest Edit

The Forest sprang up from the protective charms that kept the dangers of the Woods away from the students. Here, the students were safely taught how to survive the Woods before venturing into the real thing. However, students would venture into the real Woods by accident. To prevent this, everything in the Forest was changed to blue.

In The Books Edit

The School for Good and Evil Edit

The first-years have every lesson of Surviving Fairy Tales here, and later on, the Trial by Tale.

A World Without Princes Edit

The Trial by Tale between the School for Boys and the School for Girls is held in the Blue Forest.

The Last Ever After Edit

Like much of the Woods' wildlife, the Blue Forest is rotten and wilted, and full of dead animals, due to the slowly dying sun.

The Ever Never Handbook Edit

The Blue Forest seems to have grown back, as the handbook shows a map of the Forest.