The Cyan Caves is an area hidden in the southeast corner of the Blue Forest near the south gate.


Located in the southeast part of the Blue Forest, the Cyan Caves sit high up on a jagged cliff covered by giant overhanging blue pines, hiding it from plain sight. There are three sea-green caves arranged in a circular manner of different sizes - too big, too small, and just the right size, from the perspective of a human.

The walls of the caves are glassy aquamarine, which can dimly reflect light.


A World Without Princes

After secretly entering Dean Evelyn Sader's office, Agatha found a hidden scroll which marked the location of the Cyan Caves. She learns that the caves are off-limits for the students who will participate in the Trial.

Agatha mentioned about the Dean marking the Cyan Caves on her Trial map to Hester, Anadil, and Dot during the rehearsal for the play. Hester comments about the caves just being 'a decoration by the south gate', reasoning that caves don't go deeper than fifty feet.

Curious about the Dean's intentions, Agatha proceeded to sneak out to the Cyan Caves. She checked every cave, and eventually became disappointed for finding nothing, only to be attacked by a kaleidoscope of blue butterflies which ripped her invisibility cape to shreds and caused her to fall off the ledge of the cliff.

Agatha later realizes and concludes that Evelyn had set up everything that had transpired, for her.


  • Agatha referenced Goldilocks' story, stating that the caves' sizes looked as if they belonged in that fairy tale.