Fairies are the guards at the School for Good, just like the wolves at the School for Evil. Their scientific name is Glitterus obedius.


Fairies are small and humanoid. They have glittery butterfly wings. Their mouths are full of sharp teeth that shoot sticky golden webs.


At School

The fairies patrolled the School for Good and made sure Evers did not misbehave. When an Evil student failed, the punishment was to be transformed into a Fairy to serve the School for Good. This was revealed when Bane made the wish that all of the students would know the truth, which Agatha granted. During the Circus of Talents, Sophie ordered ravens to kill all of the fairies and wolves. Bane managed to escape from the ravens, and saved Agatha from plummeting to her death when Sophie pushed her down from a tall ledge during her transformation into a bald, wrinkled witch. Bane set Agatha down and died in her hands: the energy he expended as a fairy to save her was life-draining and fatal.

After the School for Good was restored, new fairies were hired but these fairies are real and not enchanted students. They also have less patience than their human counterparts and they all bite.

Gillikin Fairies

Introduced in The Last Ever After. They live in Gillikin and have their own queen. These fairies are far better natured than the ones at school. Merlin describes them as an Ever's best friend. The Gillikin fairies are invisible but they can become visible as demonstrated by their queen.


  • Fairies can spit golden webs from their mouths to catch prey or misbehaving students.
  • Real fairies possess unmatched strength and are capable of lifting an adult man. The enchanted students lacked this power as Bane died trying to save Agatha.

Known Fairies

  • Bane (deceased)
  • Topaz of Walleye Spring (Tinkerbell)
  • Gillikin Queen


  • Fairies have a rivalry with the nymphs.
  • They are predisposed to sugar addiction.