Filip of Mount Honora was Sophie's secret identity as she spent the last three days before the trial, mainly to get The Storian and stop the trial. He became Tedros' best friend and Hort called him as his "best friend," even though Filip only made him as his friend to be the top-ranked student in The School for Boys. Filip was kissed by Tedros in the Trial that takes place in A World Without Princes, although Tedros claimed it was an "accident". It was not, however, and it is implied that it was fully intentional. Once Sophie reverts back to her normal form, she claims she was still his friend, suggesting that although she was Sophie now, that does not mean she wouldn't consider staying his friend. This was rejected by Tedros, and thus was the last time Filip was seen.


He is the male version of Sophie. Square-jawed with short, fluffy blond hair, high cheekbones, straight brows, and deep-set emerald eyes. Long-limbed but taut with muscle, he looked like an elfin prince, with big pulled-back ears, a sharp regal nose, and a dimpled chin. His hands were hardy and big-knuckled, his shoulders broad, narrowing down to a trim waist, and his golden-stubbled cheeks streaked with fiery blush. Eyes that are said to be he same dark emerald as described by Tedros they are sometimes cold as ice and as vulnerable as a baby kitten.