Sge flowerground

The Flowerground is a magical train station that transports Good and Evil passengers to various magical locations. Evers and Nevers are separated into lines categorized by flower and plant or tree names. Regardless of whether they are for the Good or Evil, trains are called flowertrains. Flowertrains made completely out of living plant material.

Staff Edit

The Flowerground is fully staffed by magical animals.

Flower Lines (Good) Edit

Rosalinda Flower

The Ever lines of flowertrains are divided by gender and are named after various flowers. Each line is primarily one color.

Peony Flower

Known lines consist of:

Male Edit

  • Rosalinda Line (Red)
  • Peony Line (Pink)

Female Edit

  • Dahlia Line (Yellow)
  • Arborea Line (Green)


  • Tangerine Line (Orange)
  • Violet Line (Purple)
Dahlia Flower

Flower Lines (Evil) Edit

The Never lines of the flowertrains are named after various plants and trees. It is unclear whether they are divided by gender like in the Ever lines.

Arborea Plant

Known lines consist of:

Hibiscus Line (Blue)

Trivia Edit

  • "Rosalinda" is a combination of the Spanish words rosa, "rose", and linda, "beautiful." This is ironic seeing as the only passengers seated in the line are "glum, scraggly-looking men."
  • "Arborea" is a Latin adjective meaning "tree-like" plant. Many ferns and long-branched plants have arborea in their scientific names.

Entrace Edit

Upon entering the Flowerground, a Flowerground pass must be handed to a blue caterpillar in a tuxedo who will then let you in. However, before you board, the caterpillar will read out the rules: “No spitting, sneezing, singing, sniffling, swinging, swearing, slapping, sleeping, or urinating in the Flowerground, violations will result in removal of your clothes. All aboard!”

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