Not much is known about Kei, other than that he bunked with Aric in the Arbed House for Unwanted Children, meaning he might have a significant past due to the fact that his parents chose to hide him. Besides that, he is mainly known as one of Rhian's cronies and a spy, acting as a Camelot Guard.


Kei is described with black hair, and not much else is known about his appearance.


Kei is shown to be a dedicated guard, until he left Tedros locked in the prison with the Mistral Sisters. He is also manipulative, tricking Dot into handing over the keys.



The only thing known is that he left Tedros locked up in the prison, and, according to Dot, he doesn't like Tedros.


He took Dot to Beauty and the Feast, only to manipulate her. He promised her a kiss for every key she gave him.


  • His first appearance was on the ENTV cast video, before anyone knew he was a villain.
    • He also seemed to be very skilled in dancing, as he twirled and did mid-air splits.