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Kiko of Neverland is a supporting character in The School For Good And Evil series, and a student at The School for Good.

Background Edit

Sometime before the beginning of the series, Kiko was born to a Neverland Lost Boy and a mermaid. Shortly before the series, she received a Flowerground ticket, earning her a place in the School for Good.


Kiko is described as a "sweet, short haired student.", with black hair and almond-shaped brown eyes.

In The Ever Never Handbook, she has curly black hair that is held in pigtails and almond-shaped brown eyes. Her skin is pale.

Outfits Edit

Similar to other students, Kiko wore various outfits throughout the series and they were all majorly school uniforms.

  • Her school uniform in The School for Good and Evil is a appallingly short pink pinafore, tall pink heels and a white lace blouse.
    • Her portrait in the Ever Never Handbook shows that she most likely wore flowers in her hair.
  • Her school uniform in A World Without Princes is a blue bodice with a butterfly crest stitched across the heart, royal blue harem pants and a white veil.
  • Her school uniform in The Last Ever After is a tight black pinafore, a green blouse, knee-high socks, flat black slippers and a black beret. She also wore a black babushka, a veil and a ribbon with 'R.I.P Tristan' on it.

Personality Edit

Kiko is quickly established as a sweet, kind, good-natured soul who quickly becomes a big help towards Agatha. She is shown to be more 'good' than fellow students; becoming friends with a student (Agatha) that others refused to talk to. In the first book she is also established as being quite emotional, shown after Agatha's Circus of Talents performance. Kiko is also shown to be an optimist, wanting to still host the Snow Ball during Sophie's reign of terror.

In The Last Ever After, she is shown to be rather weak and may even have no Evil in her, as she does not do well at the School for New Evil.

In summary, Kiko is a very sweet soul who stays optimistic throughout the series.

Relationships Edit

Agatha of Woods Beyond Edit

Kiko becomes one of Agatha's closest friends at The School for Good. Though she was originally disgusted by Agatha (especially her chapped lips), she quickly changed her attitude, saving a seat for Agatha during one of their classes together and sitting with her at lunch whilst Sophie courted Tedros. Kiko's view of Agatha doesn't change after her second encounter and the two eventually become good friends.

Tristan of Avalon Towers Edit

Kiko met Tristan at The Welcoming, where similar to many other princesses, she instantly fell in love and thought he was her true love. She even caught his rose, even though he was aiming for Beatrix. They eventually go to attend the Snow Ball together, though the Ball never happens. After Tristan's death in A World Without Princes, Kiko is seen grieving over him throughout the third book.


Though we are never told of Kiko's special talent, she does have some abilities:

  • Knows Mogrification
  • Has some sort of fighting skill
  • A hard worker (Able to reach the Sidekick track within a few months)

Trivia Edit

  • The name Kiko is of Japanese origin. It means "be happy" as well as "rejoicing child."
    • This may hint that she, or at least one of her parents, is of Japanese origin.
  • Kiko's quest is 'Tending to the consecrated apple orchard atop Glass Mountain after last season's raging blight'. She was tracked as a Sidekick.
  • Kiko's fingerglow color is unconfirmed, as Evergirls rarely use magic with the exception of Agatha
  • Kiko is most likely 15, as everyone was around the same age according to Sophie.
  • It is unknown whether Kiko can transform into a mermaid like her mother.

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