King Arthur is Tedros's father and the most famous king in all the Endless Woods and beyond.


Arthur attended the School for Good where he excelled in his work and became a Leader and the star of his own fairy tale after graduation. When he attended school, he met and fell in love with Guinevere. His best friend, Lancelot also had feelings for Guinevere. During the Snow Ball, Lancelot danced with Guinevere when she was Arthur's date.

After graduation, Merlin became Arthur's sidekick. Arthur's most famous act was pulling excalibur from the stone. The sword was created by the pure power of the Lady of the Lake. Together, they made Camelot and Arthur ruled over it as king with Guinevere as his queen.

Unfortunately, his wife Guinevere betrayed him for Lancelot, so he faced off with Lancelot but Guinevere ran away with Lancelot and was never seen again. This left King Arthur devastated, and later died leaving a young Tedros behind.