The Lady of the Lake is a character from Arthurian legend and the most powerful sorceress on the side of Good. She serves the rightful ruler of Camelot.


She is described as a beautiful, ghostly nymph in white robes. She has chalk-white skin, silver hair, a long nose, big black eyes and crimson lips.


The Lady of the Lake was very dutiful and loyal to both Merlin and the king of Camelot. Her loyalty to the rightful heir of Camelot comes before everything and she will even let innocents die if they get in the way of her king. It is revealed in Quests for Glory that her many years of service have taken their toll and the Lady grew extremely lonely. So lonely that she would do anything for love, something she thought Sophie would understand.


  • The Lady was immortal and coud have lived forever in a state of eternal youth and beauty. It is unknown if she will succumb to death after the kiss or if she only lost her youth.
  • The Lady could manipulate water. She could summon rain, stir the waters of her domain into a storm and make a lake's surface solid enough to walk on. Her magic surrounded the Four Point with walls of waterfalls and she enchanted the water so if a single drop touched someone, the Lady would appear to drown them.
  • The Lady can craft magical objects with great powers. She created Excalibur.
  • She can use magic to bury the dead. She used this ability on Arthur and Chaddick. This is one of the few abilities she retained after kissing the Snake.


Prior to the Series

Long, long ago, the Lady of the Lake received immortality, eternal youth, great beauty and vast magical powers and she became the most powerful force on the side of Good. However, she was cursed to loose everything if she ever kissed a boy. Merlin asked her to hide Lancelot and Guinevere in Avalon.

The Last Ever After

Quests for Glory