Magic is a supernatural force that exists throughout the Endless Woods but it can exist Beyond.

Description Edit

Magic can be used by the humans and magical creatures of the Endless Woods but some humans choose not to focus on sorcery. Magic can alter the fabric of reality and defy the natural laws. The morality of magic relies on the user and can be used for Good and Evil.

There is no one way to use magic but in order to summon and use it, someone must summon enough emotion and purpose in order to use magic. People often use finger glows and wands as a crutch in order to learn magic but some magical creatures possess natural supernatural abilities like a nymph's ability to fly and a golden goose's sentience.

Usage Edit

People can use emotion and purpose as well as objects like staffs and wands to channel magic into spells. Magic can be used to cast enchantments and curses, mogrify into animals and plants, manipulate the elements, summon storms and create illusions.

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