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Biography Edit

Millicent is the great-granddaughter of Sleeping Beauty and her prince and Evergirl at the School for Good. She is close friends with Beatrix. She later mogrifies to a deer and becomes a sort of sidekick to Beatrix and Reena. She makes an appearance in Quests for Glory, then is said to be dead later on.


Millicent has red hair, small freckles, high up slim eyebrows and hazel brown eyes. In the second book it is described unlike the other girls she didn't do anything drastic to uglify her appearance; all she just stopped washing her hair.

Trivia Edit

  • Millicent became a mogrif after the events of the main trilogy- she failed the School for Good and was turned into a deer, before finding out that her quest, as a mogrif helper to Beatrix, was to scout out pirate fleets. She fled to Camelot, where a law in place by Guinevere states that all stags and does are protected, but she ended up dying at the end of Book 4.