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Nicola of Woods Beyond is a first-year student at the School for Good, and a secondary character in Quests for Glory.

Origin Edit

Nicola lived in Gavaldon, and helped her father run Papa Pipp's Pub. She is due to inherit the pub herself after his death, as her brothers, Gus and Gagan, would sell the building.

Appearance Edit

In Quests for Glory, Nicola is described as 'a short, buxom black girl..She had a catlike face with thin eyes and sloping brows, along with springy black curls... and a pink first-year's Ever uniform.'

Relationships Edit

She has a crush on Hort, hates Sophie and looks up to Hester.

Family Edit

She gets on very well with her father, helping him run his pub. However, she does not get on well with her brothers, as she sees them as stupid and nasty.

Agatha Edit

She is friends with Agatha, after helping her sail the Igraine and aiding her on her quest to capture The Snake.

Sophie Edit

Nicola dislikes Sophie at first, as she writes a scathing review of her nut crumble, and after reading her storybook she thinks that Sophie is a brat. However, once Sophie saves her from the Snake's trap at the Four Point they become friends.

Hort Edit

Nicola has a crush on Hort, and he seems to like her as well, as they chat frequently and agreed to go on a date together.

History Edit

The Ever Never Handbook Edit

Hunter's application for the School for Good and Evil on her behalf is shown, along with Professor Sader's note that she is crucial to the school's future survival.

Quests for Glory Edit

When Readers are permitted to apply to The School for Good and Evil, she wishes to go but cannot leave her father and his pub in the hands of her brothers. However, thanks to an application sent by her friend Hunter and a note from the late Professor Sader, she is taken for the School for Evil. But the castle itself seemed to dislike her, slamming doors in her face and ejecting her into the bay frequently. Once a classroom caved as she entered, Dean Sophie took her to Dean Dovey, blaming her for the damage. Dovey didn't want her either, but the invisible barrier wouldn't let her return to the Evil castle. In the end, the deans decided that she could spend a few months as an Ever and they would send her home at Christmas.

But later, the Storian writes that Nicola will join Agatha, Sophie, The Coven, Willam, Bogden and Hort on their quest to stop the Snake, so she is taken aboard the Igraine. She helps save the team on several occasions, becoming regarded as the smartest member of the group, and meets her crush Hort. At the end of the book her fate is ambiguous, as she is captured by Rhian's men.

Abilities Edit

  • She has read every storybook, including her favourite, The Tale of Sophie and Agatha, several times. She also has a great memory, which is very helpful in tough situations
  • She is very sporty, able to beat her elder brothers at any sport
  • She is also a great cook, frequently cooking at her father's pub
  • She has wielded a frying pan in battle

Trivia Edit

  • Nicola's favourite book is A Girl's Guide to Survival in a Man's World
  • She founded the Gavaldon unisex rugby team
  • Nicola's favourite animal is the bonobo
  • Her using a frying pan in battle could be a reference to the Disney princess Rapunzel, who also wields a frying pan.