Nymphs are magical creatures and friends of Good. They work as security guards for the School for Good. Their scientific name is Hoverus protectus.


Nymphs resemble beautiful humanoid women of extraordinary height. They generally reach seven feet in height by the age of five. Clarissa Dovey calls them too tall. They have neon hair and matching lips in various colours including blue, green and pink, depending on strength and ranking within their colonies. The kingdom a nymph hails from may influence her appearance as a nymph from the Glass Mountain had translucent skin. The nymphs that work at the School for Good wear pink dresses, white veils and golves of blue lace.


  • Trained as security guards for the School for Good. Ironically, many nymphs have served as models for figureheads on pirate ships.
  • Extremely organized.
  • Power to levitate without wings.

Two nymphs holding Agatha.

Notable Nymphs


  • One of the Blue Forest leaders was a water lily nymph. The Lady of the Lake is also described as a nymph. They are presumably a different variant to the nymphs that work in the school who don't seem to have an elemental affinity.