The School Master or formerly known as Rafal appears in all three of the School for Good and Evil books, described at first as a mysterious person hiding in a tall tower with the powerful Storian, and later transformed into Rafal, the leader of the “Old” Castle and the “New” Castles of evil.

Background Edit

The School Master was described as “hiding in his tower” in the first book. None of the students or teachers had ever seen him out of his tall, lean tower. Once, there were two School Masters. Then, a 'Great War' broke between the two, one of the brothers killed the other, and at first everyone thought it was the Good brother who had lived, since Evil hadn’t won in a Fairy Tale in 200 years. It is revealed at the end of the first book that he is actually Evil, and is shown to have “died”. In the second book, A World Without Princes, he tricks Sophie into kissing him and brings him back to youth and life. In the third Book, The Last Ever After, he is portrayed as Rafal, the young school master. He tries to persuade Sophie to take his ring.

Appearance Edit

In the first book, when Agatha first gets a glimpse of the School Master, it is described that she sees “A crooked shadow, no body attached.” Later in the book, it is shown that he wears a silver mask, covering his face, and has a rusty crown on his thick white hair. He is also described to have twinkling blue eyes and wide, full lips.

In the last chapter, he has changed himself to the prince in Sophie’s dream in her last night in Gavaldon. He had white hair, alabaster skin, and blue eyes. Sophie described him as “cold and beautiful.” However, he rotted in the end, and ended as a black shadow, ripped to pieces by Sader’s white swan.

He is a ghost in A World Without Princes and not much is said about his appearance, only that he was now younger.

In The Last Ever After, he is a young boy, which Sophie describes to be “Not a day older than 16”. He is shown to have spiked white hair, blue eyes, and pale white skin. He often wore a black sleeveless shirt and breeches. He was described to be tall, lean and strong. Sophie even thought that he was much fairer than Tedros. When Sophie accepts his tempting proposal, he wears a gold ring to match hers (event is mentioned when the Storian starts writing). He often uses the Groom Room to look good for her, as Hort implied. When Sophie destroyed his ring, however, he became rotted and old, transforming into a hideous being thousands of years old, before turning into raw, black.

Sophie Edit

Sophie was Rafal's fiance and "true love", until she killed him.


Sophie's twin sister\Agatha's boyfriend Tedros gave Sophie the sword of which she used to destroy Rafal's ring

Status Edit

In the second to last chapter of The Last Ever After, it is said that the School Master has been destroyed permanently, the second that Sophie shattered his ring with the legendary sword Excalibur.

Trivia Edit

  • He once killed Sophie by accident with the Storian but Sophie was eventually brought back to life by Agatha's kiss.
  • He calls his Good twin brother "Rhian".
  • He wins the great war, and in doing so, kills Rhian.