" A wolf in any other clothes still smells like a wolf"
Rita's Life Motto
Red Riding Hood is the star of one of the Brothers Grimms' most popular fairy tales. She was an Ever. Her real name was Rita of Nettle Forest.

History Edit

School Days Edit

Rita hailed from Nettle Forest, one of the enchanted realms within the Endless Woods. She was accepted into the School for Good. She was a hard worker as she became a leader by graduation.

Her Fairy Tale Edit

Her tale started when she was bringing food to her grandmother in the woods. Along the way she met a large talking Wolf. Rita didn't know that this Wolf was her nemesis. He discovered where the grandmother lived and went to her house where he devoured her. The Wolf waited for Rita, disguised as her grandmother. The Wolf devoured Rita but she and her grandmother were saved by the Woodcutter who slayed the wolf. Rita's fairy tale and Happily Ever After where then preserved forever in the history of the Endless Woods.

The Last Ever After Edit

When all the dead villains rise from the grave as zombies, Red Riding Hood hid with the League of Thirteen.

Trivia Edit

  • Her best subject was Senior Citizen Care with a focus on denture-friendly baking.
  • She was the president of the SGE Blue Forest Trailblazers.
  • Her first year bathrobe (in red) is one of the historical objects in the Gallery of Good.

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