Rophie is the pairing of Rafal aka School Master and Sophie of the Woods Beyond. It is seemingly one sided at the beginning ( from Rafal's side). In the third book they are on the same side against Good, in a relationship and are fiance and fiancee.


The School for Good and Evil

A World Without Princes

The Last Ever After

The Ever Never Handbook

Quests for Glory


  • Both have twin siblings of the same gender who are opposites of them. For Sophie it is Agatha and for Rafal it is Rhian.
  • Both are Evil
  • Both were hurt by their siblings at least once.
  • Both have light shades of hair.
  • Both are good looking (which they already know) and probably the fairest people in the story.
  • Both wore gold rings
  • Both wore black in the last ever after.
  • Both shared lots of kisses.
  • Both were the villains of book three
  • Both are leaders and immensely powerful at least more than average
  • Both tried to be good for their sibling but failed. (If Rafal told the truth about his relationship with Rhain, in book 3)
  • Both lead war against good ; side by side.
  • Both siblings with whom they had fallouts with
  • Both spend most of their time together in book 3
  • Both at some point were fueled by revenge.
  • Both were in all three books
  • They both died in book one but came back from the dead.
  • Both met each other’s twins at least once in some form.
  • Both killed each other. Rafal mistakly in book 1 with storian and Sophie broke the magical ring with Excalibur.