The school for girls, was introduced in the second book of the school for good and evil. After Sophie and Agatha left the students (Nevers and Evers alike) tried to return to their rightful schools only to be flung out of the towers, so the nevergirls fled to the the good castle and were welcomed by the ever girls with open arms, inspired by Sophie and Agatha's story, while the ever boys fled the the evil castle for sanctuary. The school for girls was ruled by Evelyn Sader, who demoted Professor Dovey as a teacher a long with Lady Lesso who also fled to the school for good now the School for Girls. The nevergirls and the evergirls were thrilled to join the school and even more once dean Sader showed them the mural of female rule and male slavery. The classes were all to do with female impowerment and why girls don't need boys for happily ever afters.

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