The Snow Ball was an event held by The School for Good , possibly to commemorate Christmas. It is also used to match would-be princes and princesses. Not much else is known about the Snow Ball, other than that princes can go alone, but princesses are forced to either find a match or fail out of school. The Snow Ball is directly after the Circus of Talents. The boys dance with their princesses.

After the events in the main trilogy, the Ever Never Handbook states that the rules on the ball have been loosened some- girls can go alone, and not be failed, and dates are not compulsory.

Trivia Edit

  • It is revealed in the Handbook that when Arthur took Guinevere to the Snow Ball, Lancelot cut in halfway through the final dance, asking Guinevere to dance with him.
  • It is also said that the dance that traditionally ends the Snow Ball is known as "The Glory of Love".
  • The No Ball (which is Evil's version of the Snow Ball) was inspired by the Snow Ball.

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