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Spiricks are a magical species of snakes that guard the gate to the School for Good and Evil

Appearance Edit

Spiricks are black and have sharp, needlelike scales. They coil around their victims like boas and squeeze them to death.

At School Edit

Sophie constantly encounters Spiricks. In the first book, when she is dropped by a Stymph at the shores of the School for Evil. She sees something at the top of the fences that looked liked barbed wire. When she took a closer look she discovered that they were not barbed wire but the Spiricks. In the second books, when Sophie is trying to sneak into the former School for Evil, which, at that time, was the School for Boys, She was cornered by some Spiricks at the shore of the School and got bloody scratches around her wrists, which Agatha was suspicious of after Sophie came back and claimed she had not been to the School for Boys at all. In the third book, when Sophie was taking a walk with her new fiancee, the School Master, she saw some Spiricks slithering about and got scared backing away. The School Master told her not to be afraid, and that the Evil snakes were under his control.

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