The Storian is a powerful and ancient magical artefact responsible for writing down all the fairy tales in the Endless Woods. It is currently held in the School Master's tower in Halfway Bay within the School for Good and Evil.


The Storian is only portrayed as by sharp metal needle covered in strange patterns and markings with some unknown meaning.


The Storian is responsible for documenting all the stories and fairy tales that occur in both the enchanted and disenchanted worlds. The Storian has a will of its unknown and it can move freely in the air. It can create ink to write the stories and it can conjure books to hold the fairy tales. The Storian is omnipotent and can document all fairy tales as they occur.


Pre-School Master Era

The Storian has existed since the dawn of time. However, many people fought over it. Three seers from the Endless Woods grew tired of the fighting. They took the pen and hid it in a tower. Before the seers died, they chose a guardian to protect the pen. This guardian became known as the School Master.

The Two Brothers

Whenever a School Master died, a new one was chosen. One day, two brothers were chosen, one Good and one Evil. The brothers were sorcerers and their magic kept them alive for years but one day, the Evil Brother grew greedy and wanted the Storian for himself. This started a great war. In the end, one brother emerged victorious but no one knew which brother survived until years later during the Tale of Sophie and Agatha when it was revealed the School Master was the evil brother Rafal.