Stymphs are large, skeletal, birds that fly around the Blue Forest and were trained by the School Master.

Bird skeleton by markopolio stock

Appearance Edit

Stymphs were, simply, giant birds made out of bones. They are similar to Crogs in appearance. They have protruding brow bones and sharp, knife-like claws

Behavior at School Edit

Stymphs live in the Forest and just like the Crogs, who only attack Girls, Stymphs only attack Nevers.

Trivia Edit

  • Stymphs' scientific name is Wingus skeletus.
  • They remain in one place for many generations.
  • They emit loud, ear-piercing shrieks if woken from a sleep of less than 8 hours.
  • Despite their hollow eye socket, stymphs have excellent night vision.
  • Their brow bones are extremely sensitive to tickling.

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