Tagatha Edit

Tagatha is the romantic pairing of Tedros of Camelot and Agatha of the Woods Beyond. Throughout the books they struggle to achieve their happily ever after and had attained a 'love and hate' type of relationship. In Book 1, they despised each other, then slowly started falling for each other. Book 2, they missed each other terribly, then noticing how the other changed, turned against each other, but at the end they chose each other. Book 3 really defined their relationship and they got to know each other more than ever, Book 4, they had a lot of moments but their relationship was fractured in the ending.

Biography Edit

The School for Good and EvilEdit

A World Without PrincesEdit

The Last Ever AfterEdit

The Ever Never HandbookEdit

Quests for GloryEdit

Similarties Edit

  • Friends with Sophie and have both kissed her once.
  • They are both Evers

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