The Coven is a group in the SGE series that consists of Hester, Anadil, and Dot.


Hester is the leader, often being top in ranks and known to be an "illustrious witch".

Anadil is the "sidekick" or second best to Hester although she is also top in the ranks.

Dot is known to be the most passive of the group although she is more nice to Sophie at the beginning then both of the other two witches.

Sophie was in the coven briefly in book one after Hester kicked Dot out but Dot is later brought back in.

In book three Hester says to Agatha that Agatha is part of the coven but Hester says if Agatha tells Dot that, then Dot would turn them to mallah pudding.


The coven has been in all four books as antagonists and protagonists at the same time. The coven is in the Ever Never handbook as Hester writes tips and tricks for Nevers.

The three witches are in the School for Evil and are currently trying to find a schoolmaster as their quest in book four: Quest for Glory.