Quotation1 Soman Chainani’s New York Times bestselling series The School for Good and Evil returns with The Ever Never Handbook! Gorgeous full-color illustrations bring your favorite characters like Sophie, Agatha, and Tedros back to school through maps, quizzes, alumni portraits, and more. Quotation2

The Ever Never Handbook is a special "installment" of the SGE series by Soman Chainani. It is supposed to take place after The Last Ever After, during the last part of the school year at SGE and is a "guide" to new students entering the School for Good and Evil. Unlike the other three books, the Ever Never Handbook is filled with colorful art, lists, an Ever-Never Roundtable interview, quizzes, answers to questions, obituaries, and more.

Plot Summary

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This article contains plot details for the newly released Quests for Glory. You have been warned.

It appears in the book that Sophie is "personalizing" the School for Evil, clashing against Clarissa Dovey's way of doing things,and has nominated Hort of Bloodbrook as a history professor. (Hort tells his version of "history" in comics). We also get a sneak peek of what Agatha and Tedros are doing at Camelot by Agatha's letter, which is included in the story.

The book is also supposed to have extra sidenotes written in by Hester of Ravenswood, who came back to visit and found a spare handbook. Hester adds in her own unique flair by adding in her own school supplies, her ideas for being "the top villain in school", and even copying down Dot of Nottingham's list of best and worst things to turn into chocolate. The Ever Never Handbook is a wonderful companion to the original books.