The School for Good and Evil Fandom Edit

Ever since the first book in the School for Good and Evil trilogy was published in 2013, the fandom has expanded. There is now a School for Good and Evil fan website, where you are able to write stories (role play) about your own characters and their adventures in the school, as well as write fan fiction based on the lead characters in the series, Sophie, Agatha and Tedros. You are also able to read the author, Soman Chanani's blog, in which he posts about the work he's been doing on his latest books, and so on.

The fans have also created ship names for the couples they supported/liked most.

Ship Names Include:

  1. Sophie + Agatha = Agaphie
  2. Tedros + Agatha = Tagatha
  3. Sophie + Hort = Hophie
  4. Dot + Hort = Hot
  5. Sophie + Rafal = Raphie

Thanks to the fans and their support, SGE is now becoming a movie, and should be released next spring. A fourth book is coming out as well, and Chanani has begun to write other books outside of the series as well.

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