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  • EclipsewingsTheNightWing


    January 24, 2018 by EclipsewingsTheNightWing

    Hello, users of the SGE wiki! I'm sure you all know that this wiki has been abandoned for a few years now with the occasional editor and many trolls. I, and a few other users have teamed up to take care of this problem. For a few months, I've been editing on and off and I've made a template to organize the character pages.

    We have quite a few helpful editors but no one can deny the troll problems. Occasionally, a user will come on and delete cont…

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  • Damibird

    Who do you like the most in the Coven?

    The coven has Dot Anadil and Hester.

    See these linked pages and write your choice in the comments!




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  • Alexandra Jones Child of Nyx


    November 25, 2017 by Alexandra Jones Child of Nyx

    So I recently found out about the new SGE Book 4 Characters and Rhian triggered me. Like, He is the TWIN BROTHER of Rafal, STEP-BROTHER to Tedros, Fiancee to Sophie (who's previous fiancee was Rafal),  so if they get married Rhian would be Agatha's brother-in-law and all that new info made me REALLY confused.

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  • 9/19/17 - Quests for Glory has been released! Go to your nearby bookstore to get your hands on it immediately. This library will begin adding spoiler information soon, so beware!

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