Warning! This page contains spoilers for "The School for Good and Evil." Again, this page contains spoilers, so if you have not finished the book, look out! Do not read ahead if you have not finished to book.

The School Master was only told of in legends in the towns surrounding his school, in the Woods Beyond. Every year, he would take two children, twelve or older, one good and one evil, and bring them to the Schools, where they would be joined by other children taken that year and past years (Up to fourth year). At first the people of the Woods Beyond denied that the School Master existed, but after finding the past missing children in storybooks, they were forced to admit the School Master was a true person.

The Legend of Two Brothers

Originally there were two identical twin brothers. One was good, and one was evil. Each ruled their own schools, while watching over a magical pen, called the Storian. The Storian had magical abilities that allowed the pen to write fairytales as it is actually happening.

Although the evil brother deeply cared for his brother he started a war for control of the pen. The war ended when one of the brothers won the battle and the other died. Since that fateful war, good has been on a winning streak as punishment for the evil brother's betrayal to the balance of power between good and evil. Although no one knows which brother he is, most suspect he is Good, since good has won every fairy tale Since the war for two hundred years.

In the third installment to the series it is revealed that the evil brother won this war. The school master's name is Rafal.

The Storian, Unintended Friends, and a Riddle

Sophie and Agatha flew up to the School Master's Tower on a bird in efforts on going back home to Gavaldon. They notice a desk with an ink pen on it and scattered papers lying everywhere, with large ink splatters. Sophie eventually begins to fall into a trance, trying to touch the sharp tip of the ink pen on the desk. Agatha tackles her before she can touch it. As they lay on the floor, the pen floats in front of their faces, burning red hot. Before it could stab the girls, they rolled out of the way. A large black smoke cloud appears, revealing a book and a table. The pen begins to write.

"Once upon a time, there were two girls." the Storian wrote.

The School Master, now out of hiding, remarked at how that was odd. The pen, known as the Storian, was beginning to write Sophie and Agatha's fairy tale, when older, more skilled students hoped for years just for that to happen. But Sophie and Agatha were "...two first-year, unskilled, untrained, and clumsy intruders," the School Master said. He continued, "It must suspect a really good ending."

The Storian again began to write. The fairy tale said, "One was beautiful and beloved, and the other was a lonely hag."

Sophie remarked that she liked the story, but then Agatha reminded her of unfortunate events that were not yet chronicled. After much arguing and tussling, the girls asked the School Master if he could send them home. He showed them that what happened depended on the Storian, and if they were able to solve a riddle they could go home. The riddle said, "What's the one thing Evil can never have... and the one thing Good can never do without?"

The search for an answer caused much suffering on Sophie and Agatha's part, but they eventually found out that the answer was true love's kiss. This riddle was ultimately part of the School Master's bigger plan to marry Sophie once she was proved evil and use their marriage for an even stupendous plan, for the School Master was evil (and also extremely old). This could be accomplished if the riddle, which was the Good brother's spell to prevent his twin from corrupting the Storian, was proved wrong through evil's love. The evil brother had told Sophie that they had to kiss. Sophie agreed to that but as she got closer she saw that he was old and ran away. In the end, the School Master was defeated by the spirit of his twin in the body of Professor Sader, who was a seer and so he has the ability to host spirits in his body. When the fight ended, Sophie sacrificed her life to save Agatha's. After this the teachers returned to normal after they were frozen from the spell Sophie cast on them. In order to save Sophie's life Agatha revived her with true love's kiss which caused the girls to disappear back Gavaldon. Tedros tried reaching to Agatha so she could stay but she chose Sophie over him. In the second installment of the series, Evelyn Sader, August Sader's half-sister, becomes the dean of the School for Girls. It is revealed that she had made a deal with the School Master that stated that if he were to die, she would be allowed back into the school after being evicted, and he would be reincarnated. Since it so happens that Sophie was his true love, Evelyn tricked her into thinking he was Sophie's deceased mother. So at the end of the book of course Sophie kisses him, hoping for true love.