The School for Evil is the evil half of the School for Good and Evil. Its full name is The School for Evil Edification and Propagation of Sin.

Architecture Edit

The School for Evil has staircases which leads to three towers: Malice, Mischief, and Vice. The school was designed black for its outer appearance.

Interior Edit

The school, described and written by the author himself, smelled like a mix of unwashed bodies, stinking wolf and mildewed stone. Three staircases leads to each tower, one carved with monsters read MALICE, another one etched with spiders said MISCHIEF, and the last with snakes read VICE. Along the walls are covered with different-colored frames according to the Never's alumni ranking.

MALICE TOWER - Not much is known about this tower except that Sophie, Dot, Hester and Anadil were roommates in this tower (Room 66). The dorm room was described as a "burnt dorm room" (by Sophie), which probably applies with the other rooms, too.



SCHOOL MASTER (now Dean Sophie's) TOWER - The School Master's tower was transformed into Dean Sophie's Quarters after the School Master deceased. The tower has a Sophie statue (known as Winner's Weatherwane) as the roof with her way to the Evil Castle.

Exterior Edit

The school was formerly black and has an architecture of a castle, and shares a few similarities with The School for Good. The castle's appearance changed after Rafal's death as Sophie took charge for The School for Evil. Currently, the school is designed to look like a Halloween "amusement park"[1], with flashy orange-red lights with an evil look.[2]

School Supplies Edit

Required for All Students: Edit

1 trunk made of Ooty-kingdom black coral with the student's initials emblazoned in golden leaf

1 stymph-ride pass (included in Admissions package)

4 sheaves of smooth brich-bark scrolls

14 raven-feather quills

1 piranha-jaw quill sharpener

4 bottles of shark-blood ink

Required Extras for Nevergirls: Edit

17 snakeskin pouches of honeycream for daytime use

17 snakeskin pouches of hollyoak serum for overnight moisturizing

1 platypus-bill hair straightener

1 pair of crow-beak hair-braiding tongs

1 pair of cuticle-reducing bullhide gloves

Required Extras for Neverboys: Edit

1 stingray-tail straight razor

1 jar of shaving jelly

1 pair of barbell boulders

Strongly Recommended: Edit

1 Evil Fairy sleep-inducing spindle

2 storm cloud pillows with hailstone embroidery

1 poisonous hemlock bedspread

1 self-denigrating magic mirror, set to level "No Pain, No Gain"

Optional: Edit

2 packs of Hindersunshine pills

1 pair of enchanted sleep shorts with an extra-strength night-fart filter

School Uniforms Edit

Nevergirls Edit

Pre-School Master Era:

School Master Era:

Sophie Era:

Neverboys Edit

Pre-School Master Era:

School Master Era:

Sophie Era:

Course Catalog (List of Classes) Edit

Year One Edit

Year Two Edit

Year Three Edit

Year Four (quests) Edit

Textbooks for these classes include Best Villainous Monologues (2nd Edition), Spells For Suffering: Year 1, The Novice's Guide to Kidnapping and Murder, Embracing Ugliness Inside and Out, and How To Cook Children (with New Recipes!).

School Teachers and Faculty Edit

Dean Sophie of Woods Beyond (Curses & Death Traps) Edit

Bilious Manley (Uglification) Edit

Ugliness - Being ugly means freedom. Only when you destroy who you think you are you will be free!

Castor (Henchmen Training) Edit

Sheeba Sheeks (Special Talents) Edit

Hort of Bloodbrook (History of Villainy) Edit

Wolves Edit

In charge of the school's patrol and discipline. Failed students will be slaves in the opposite school[3], thus making the failed old villains became Fairies (a few of them) and the failed Goods became Wolves.

School Rules Edit

School for Evil Groom Room Edit

Please be alert that this is especially new in the updated Handbook.

Historical Artifacts Edit

Enchanted Mirror belonging to Leandra of Frostplains (aka the Snow Queen)

Conklejohn of Necro Ridge (aka the scorpion from the Scorpion and the Frog)

Slippers belonging to Angus of Woods Beyond (aka Jack's giant)

First-year arrival outfit belonging to Sophie of Woods Beyond

Weekly Meal Plan Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The students at The School for Evil call themselves Nevers, referring to "Nevermore".
  • Each villain (who defeats their nemesis) has their own "Nevermore".
  • Graduation ranks consist of: Leaders (Students who consistently stay in first 5 rankings), Henchmen (students who consistently stay between rankings 6 to 12) and Mogrifs (Students who consistently stay in the 13th rank or lower).
  • The School For Evil applies punishment to students in The Doom Room. The Executioner was the Beast until Sophie killed him after her time in the Doom Room.

References Edit

  1. The School for Good and Evil: Ever Never Handbook; page 9 - amusement park described by Dean Clarissa Dovey
  2. The School for Good and Evil: The Ever Never Handbook; page 10 - A New Vision of Evil
  3. The School For Good and Evil - Chapter 26 'The Circus of Talents', page 423-424

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