The School for Good is the good half of the School for Good and Evil. It is also known as The School for Good Enlightenment and Enchantment. Its students are commonly referred to as Evers.


The school has four towers, and they are: Purity, Honor, Charity and Valor. The school was designed crystal white for its outer appearance.



HONOR TOWER - The staircase of the Honor tower is made of blue glass, with etchings of knights and kings.


VALOR TOWER - The staircase of the Valor tower is made of blue glass, with etchings of hunters and archers.


The School for Good has the Good Shore as its front, with the lake surrounding the castle. The shore has an Ever design gate, with a white swan. Between the School for Evil and the School for Good is the School Master's tower, with a halfway bridge in front of it, connecting the two schools together.

School Grounds

The Tunnel of Trees is the way to the Clearing and the Blue Forest, behind it is the Endless Woods. These are specially for outdoor activities such as the Surviving Fairy Tales outdoor (or, possibly, out-tower) subject.

School Supplies


  • 1 trunk made of Gillikin mahogany with the student's initials engraved
  • 1 Flowerground Pass (included in Admissions package)
  • 4 boxes of crisp parchment (no crinkled sheets, please!)
  • 14 peacock-feather quills
  • 1 beaver-tooth quill sharpener
  • 4 bottles of willow-sap ink
  • Strongly Recommended - 1 Briar Rose sleep mask, set for 8 hours a night
  • 2 cumulo-nimbus pillows with dewdrop embroidery
  • 1 silken-moss bedspread
  • 10 pairs of anti-callous alpaca knee-high socks
  • 1 moleskin yoga mat, with sweat-minimizing enchantment
  • 1 self-affirming magic mirror, set on level "Blind to All Flaws"


  • 1 pack of Hinderpollen pills (for those who have allergies to plants)
  • 1 pair of whisper-slippers for late-night trips to the toilet
  • 1 flutterflea-resistant mattress cover
  • 1 set of impenetrable lambswool curtains
  • 1 personalized, life-size wooden decoy (Geppetto's Workshop makes the most convincing ones)
  • 1 bottle of skunk-scent neutralizing tonic
  • 1 pair of clippers with cobra-tooth blades (NOT the python-tooth model; they won't cut through enchanted vines)

School Uniforms

Evergirls - Pre-School Master Era

An apple-blossom brocade with pearl embellishments from the Nymph Oyster Nursery for the dress. Enchanted pair of dancing slippers that can increase running speed (in case of a banshee attack) is for the shoes, while a pegasus-feather headdress and fan can add some finishing touches to the uniform (accessories).

School Master Era

A tea-length chiffon in raspberry souffle (by Cinderella's Mice Designs, Ltd.) is for the dress, a pair of blush-satin Mary Janes shoes, and a rose diamonds with fairy-dust polish to add some touches.

Sophie Era

Camellia pink taffeta (inspired by the dress Sophie wore to her weekly princess-themed tea parties back in Gavaldon) and a pair of marble-heeled slippers with rose quartz detail.

Everboys - Pre-School Master Era

Jacquard dinner jacket; gold buttons from Midas' Court for the coat, slender-fit minotaur wool in amethyst for the breeches, hand-stitched whisper silk for the cravat and stockings, a wig woven from pure Altazarra unicorn hair and a sword only to be used for official school portraits or to fend off a harpy invasion.

School Master Era:

Cornflower blue embroided with antique Rumpelstiltskin gold straw, slender-fit strached linen in eggshell for the breeches, riding boots with manure-resistant finish, fitted with nonslip sword grip for the gloves, a rose (optional).

Sophie Era:

Royal blue velvet (which, in a recent survey that Dean Sophie conducted, was voted the "most dashing" color for princes to wear) with military-style gold epaulets from Smee & Sons' New & Improved Booty Auction for the vest, 100% Arabian camel hair in alabaster with dragonfly-wing shimmer, (because Dean Sophie believes that boys should have a little sparkle too) for the breeches, supple obsidian leather with indestructible palladium buckles, inspired by Dean Sophie's experience masquerading as Filip at the School for Boys for the boots.

Teachers & Faculty

Female teachers of Good are required to wear a high-necked gown in a vibrant color. In order to allow them to express their individual personalities, they are encouraged to add appropriate flair to their uniforms. Suggested accessories include: crystals, beetle wings, baby's breath, freshwater pearls, unicorn braids, or tasteful chain mail.

Male teachers of Good are required to wear brightly colored suits with slim ties. (Shades of blue are highly discouraged in order to avoid looking like one of the students.) Shoes and belt buckles should be shined regularly, all clothing laundered weekly, and beards keep both neatly trimmed and free of debris.

Course Catalog (List of Classes)

Year One

  1. Beautification - Professor Emma Anemone (for Evergirls)
  2. Princess Etiquette - Pollux (for Evergirls)
  3. Swordplay and Weapons Training - Professor Rumi Espada (formerly for Everboys; now for both genders)
  4. Animal Communication - Princess Uma (formerly for Evergirls; now for both genders)
  5. Chivalry and Grooming - Professor Aleksander Lukas (for Everboys)
  6. Physical Education P.E. - Albemarle the Woodpecker (for Everboys)
  7. History of Heroes - Professor Hort of Bloodbrook (mixed; replaced to the recent graduate Never student because no one wanted to volunteer replacing Professor Sader)
  8. Good Deeds - Dean Clarissa Dovey (mixed)
  9. Surviving Fairy Tales with the Other School - Various Forest Group Leaders (mixed)

Year Two

  1. Advanced Beautification and Grooming - Professor Emma Anemone (mixed)
  2. Governance and Kingdom Training - Professor Aleksander Lukas (mixed)
  3. History of Fairy Tales - Professor Hort of Bloodbrook (mixed)
  4. Advanced Animal Linguistics - Princess Uma (mixed)
  5. Good Deeds: Field Training - Dean Clarissa Dovey (mixed)
  6. Ever Choir and Orchestra - Pollux (mixed)
  7. Surviving Fairy Tales with the Other School - Various Forest Group Leaders (mixed)

Year Three

  1. Beautification/Grooming: Express for Success - Professor Emma Anemone (mixed)
  2. Beautification/Grooming: Advanced Strength Training - Professor Aleksander Lukas (mixed)
  3. Beautification/Grooming: Radiance Retreat - Professor Anemone and Professor Lukas (mixed)
  4. Dance Workshop: Waltz and Rondel - Pollux (mixed)
  5. Dance Workshop: Interpretive Movement - Pollux (mixed)
  6. Animal Communication: Study Abroad - Princess Uma (mixed)
  7. Animal Communication: Mogrif Grooming and Training - Princess Uma (mixed)
  8. Good Deeds: Sidekick Training - Prof. Dean Clarissa Dovey (mixed)
  9. Good Deeds: Lead the Way - Prof. Dean Clarissa Dovey (mixed)
  10. History Seminar: History of War - Professor Hort of Bloodbrook (mixed)
  11. Surviving Fairy Tales with the Other School - Various Forest Group Leaders (mixed)

Year Four (quests)

  1. Journeying to Drupathi and rescuing the imprisoned Princess of Maidenvale
  2. Performing a civil audit of the accounts of Camelot after reports of corruption amongst the advisory council
  3. Writing and Publishing a comprehensive biography of the Sader family (mixed schools)
  4. Opening a trade outpost in Merlin's newly discovered kingdoms beyond the Shazabah desert
  5. Any quest given by any of the Deans

School Teachers & Faculty

Dean Clarissa Dovey (Good Deeds)

-favorite hobby: "I am quite the chess player. Lady Lesso and I had an ongoing rivalry, which I led 133 games to 22. I hear Dean Sophie is eager to take Leonora's place in our matches. Does she even know how to play?"

Princess Uma (Animal Communication)

-favorite animal: "I used to have the sweetest little white bunny named Roscoe, who slept in my bed. But then he got bitten by a vampire bat."

Rumi Espada (Swordplay and Weapons Training)

-best student: "Lancelot had peerless skill and an innate sense of chivalry. He beat Arthur so badly once in a duel that he purposely lost the rematch in order to repair their friendship."

Aleksander Lukas (Chivalry and Grooming)

-Tip on Grooming: "If your breeches are sagging so low that we can see your underpants, your future looks very dim."

Yuba the Gnome (Surviving Fairy Tales)

-Food Tip: "If you run out of meerworms while traveling in the Woods, toasted crickets make a suitable (and often tastier) meal.

Emma Anemone (Beautification)

-Biggest Regret: "Missing the Snow Ball when I was a student because no boy asked me. Ever since then, I've committed myself to empowering the female sex whether or not a girl chooses to have a male companion."

Pollux (Princess Etiquette)

-Extracurricular activity: Founder and Adviser of the Never-Ever Anti-Bullying Alliance (ENABA), dedicated to extinguishing the mistreatment o those with unique characteristics, specifically canines who do not exemplify traditional norms of masculinity.

Hort of Bloodbrook (History of Heroes)

-Advice for Evers: Make friends with the weirdos. There's usually more of them than popular kids, which means you'll actually be the popular one."

Albemarle the Woodpecker (Groom Room Attendant)

-Pet Peeve: "Boys and girls who flirt with each other in the hot tubs. Such as cliche."

School Rules

Applied to both Evers and Nevers:

  • Students must remain in their assigned schools at all times.
  • Students will not kill their fellow students.
  • Students are forbidden to go into the Endless Woods after dark.
  • Students (as well as the teachers and Deans) are forbidden from interfering the Storian.
  • Be aware that Gargoyles are not decorations; they have orders to kill.
  • Readers and Descendants are equally valuable to the school community.
  • Students are unable to cast spells on school grounds until their fingerglows have been unlocked.
  • Students with three consecutive last-place ranks in class challenges will be failed.
  • Students should not attempt to manipulate or conceal the swan crests on their uniforms...
    • ...or the swan may be permanently tattooed into your skin.
  • Students are expected to be in their rooms for curfew at 10:15 p.m. sharp.
  • Students are forbidden from attempting to cross the barrier on Halfway Bridge.
  • Once students have been tracked into Leaders, Henchmen, and Mogrifs (animals and plants), these decisions are final.
  • Hunting of animals in the Blue Forest is strictly forbidden.
  • A princess and a witch can be friends, but students should endeavor to form alliances within their own schools.
  • All extracurricular clubs must be preapproved by both Deans.

Evers Only:

  • Evers may not turn Princess Uma's animal friends back into people.
  • Evers are forbidden from consuming candied walls and furniture in Hansel's Haven.
  • Love spells are never allowed, even after fingerglows are unlocked.
  • Be respectful of the fairy guards that patrol the school.
  • Evers must wear their uniforms, unless specified otherwise.
  • Evers must respect nature.
  • Evers must always reach out when another student is in need...
    • ...and not just to those princes and princesses from whom you are hoping to get a Ball invitation.

School for Good Groom Room


  • Norse Hammer Gymnasium
  • Mud-Wrestling Pit
  • Salt Water Lap Pool
  • Stationary Gondolas for rowing practice
  • Twelve Dancing Princesses Rhumba Classes
  • Yuba's Morning Yoga


  • Midas Gold Sweat Lodge
  • Peasant-themed Tanning Room
  • Turkish Baths
  • Little Match Girl (or Boy!) Sauna
  • The Little Mermaid Lagoon (with waterfall shower)
  • Tinkerbell's Fairy Dust Exfoliating Facial
  • Golden Goose Skin-Brightening Facial
  • Jack's Beanstalk Full-Body Wrap
  • Maid Marian's Signature Sherwood Forest Aromatic Body Therapy

Hair and Makeup

  • Red Rose Makeup Stations
  • Cinderella's Pedicure Corner
  • Rapunzel's Salon
    • Stocked with Goldilocks Hair Dye
  • The Three Little Pigs Blow-Dry Parlor

Wardrobe Consulatation and Formalwear Rental

  • The Clever Little Tailor's Costume Shop
  • The Little Red Riding Hod Costume Collection
  • Glass Slipper Shoe Rental
    • All the above are fully equipped with three-way looking glasses.

Historical Artifacts

Animal Fluency Exam (A+) - belonged to Letita of Maidenvale, a.k.a Snow White (possible Leader)

Holden of Rainbow Gale - Holden of Rainbow Gale, a.k.a Jack's Beanstalk (mogrif)

Whale-tooth Necklace - belonging to Pinocchio of Hamelin (Leader)

A Clump - belonging to Agatha of Woods Beyond (Leader)

Personal Diary - belonged to Valeria of Pasha Dunes, a.k.a the Little Match Girl (deceased, possible Leader)

Banner Celebrating Annabel of Woods Beyond - a.k.a Beauty (deceased, possible Leader), made after she won the Circus of Talents

First-year Bathrobe - belonging to Rita of Nettle Forest, a.k.a Red Riding Hood (Leader)

Heinrich of Netherwood - Heinrich of Netherwood, a.k.a Cinderella's Pumpkin Carriage (mogrif)

School Statistics

  • In the past five hundred years, 99% of the Snowbell Peace Prize winners have been graduates of the School for Good...
  • ...and 98% of Woods-wide Beauty Pageant winners (in the Human, Animal, and Plant categories) have been graduates for the School for Good (it would be 100%, but the White Witch was quite fetching that day).
  • 91% of School for Good graduates have made selfless sacrifices that sparted the lives of others.
  • 82% of School for Good graduates from the Leader track have gone on to replace a tyrannical ruler, thus bringing joy and socioeconomic equality to their respective kingdoms.

Study-Abroad Programs

Leadership Training in Camelot

Host: Agatha of Camelot (maiden name: Agatha of Gavaldon) and Tedros of Camelot

Feminism Intensive in Maidenvale

Host: Briar Rose of Maidenvale and Jack of Woods Beyond

The History of Youth Culture in Neverland

Host: Peter Pan

Scouting the Endless Woods

Host: The Gillikin Fairies


Altazarra Unicorn Farm

Number of Intern(s): 2 students

Responsibilities: brushing the unicorns, braiding the unicorn's hair, singing to the unicorns, bathing the unicorns in honeycream, reading poetry to the unicorns, maintaining the unicorns' self-esteem, making the unicorns' beds, cleaning the unicorns lap-pool, and blending fresh-fruit smoothies for the unicorns.

Item(s) to send: Charcoal drawing and an essay.

The White Rabbit's Clock-Making Factory

Number of Intern(s): 1 student

Responsibilities: keeping the interfactory clocks synced, calling lunch hours and teatimes, and making sure the CEO (The White Rabbit) is never late for anything.

Item(s) to send: Completed form and a handmade time-telling device.

Geppetto's Workshop

Number of Intern(s): More than one interns (1+)

Responsibilities: Assist designers sketching and laying out the wooden pieces.

Item(s) to send: None; must come to the workshop for an in-person interview and demonstrate the ability to tell the differences between puppets and people.

Cinderella's Mice Designs, Ltd.

Number of Intern(s): 1 student

Responsibilities: Helping the founders keep up with their correspondence, recruiting models from around the Woods, and assist the coordinators to stage the company's fashion show every season.

Item(s) to send: None

Friends of Good

Nymphs (Hoverus Protectus)

  • Trained as security guards for the School for Good.
  • Neon hair in various colors depending on strength and rankings within their colonies
  • Extremely organized
  • Power to levitate without wings
  • Generally seven feet in height by the age of five
  • Clarissa Dovey calls them too tall

Fairies (Glitterus Obedious)

  • Responsible for patrol and discipline at the School for Good
  • Unmatched strength (can lift the weight of an adult man)
  • Predisposed to sugar addiction
  • Bite when provoked
  • Spit sticky, glittery gold nets to ensnare prey (e.g., wayward students)
  • Ongoing rivalry with the nymphs