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The Snake is a boy of about 16 years old. He is decribed to have milk-white skin and blue eyes. He has armour made of "scims", eel-like things he can control. When a scim is killed, The Snake's armor gets a hole in it.

When Sophie and Agatha first saw him, they believed he was Rafal, the dead School Master, but he was not. He was beaten to near death by Tedros and Rhian "broke his neck." He pretended that he was Tedros' older brother, but at the end of the book it was revealed that in fact he was not, and Rhian, The Lion, was the real snake and The Snake was working for him. Although the whole kingdom believed Rhian killed the snake, he actually did not, as shown when Agatha saw him at the end of the hall. The Snake's real name is stated in the first few chapters in Crystal of Time as Japeth.