The Theater of Tales is a meeting hall for Evers and Nevers that is used for events involving both schools, like the Welcoming and the Circus of Talents.


The Theater of Tales is split in two. The west doors open onto the Good side, which has pink and blue pews, crystal friezes and glass flower bouquets. The east doors open onto the Evil side, which has warped wooden benches, carvings of murder and torture and stalactites on the roof. There is a silver aisle separating the two sides.

On the night of the Circus of Talents, the Theater of Tales is fully enchanted for the occasion. the crystal friezes come to life, and the flowers squirt fragrances at Evers. The Evil walls contort into images of torture, and the pew friezes feature villains stabbing princes that spurt black sap. Both sides have a chandelier of ten swan-shaped candles, that burn white over Good and blue-black over Evil, with the Circus Crown hovering between them.