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    The SGE Fandom Matter

    February 13, 2017 by CosmotheChocobo

    Greetings! I am Cosmo and I am an avid reader of the SGE series. I edit here on this Fandom (Wikia) simply because I love organized information for everyone to access, and I'm sure you'll agree with me, too, if you are, by chance, a regular 'writer' of this wiki.

    Moving on with the more PRESSING matters.

    Obviously, the administrators of this Fandom are currently inactive. It's not much of a problem, but certain actions are restricted to privileged users. As I have seen here, the Fandom is slowly progressing to clean-up, but we're not quite there yet. I'd like to help here as much as I can, as a graphic designer, and as a fellow writer in the Wikia community.

    As you can probably see often in this Fandom, it's very messy. Please mind that this pl…

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