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Willam is an altar boy from Camelot who accompanies Agatha and Sophie on their mission to save their friends' failed quests.


Willam is tall, thin, and fair, the complete opposite of Bogden, who is short, stocky, and dark. He has red hair.



Willam and Bogden originally didn't get along well. Bogden made fun of Willam for throwing-up so much on the boat, and Willam kicked him in response. However, they later realize they have a lot in common, such as their shared interest in tarot and fortune-telling, as well as playing the bongos. They now seem to be good friends.


Tedros does not take Willam very seriously. When Willam and Bogden warned him to be wary of gifts, Tedros brushed it off, thinking tarot was foolish nonsense. Had Tedros listened, perhaps he could have prevented the chaos that ensued.