Werewolf by tsimmers-d8n1s09

Wolves are the guards at the The School for Evil, just like the Faries at the School for Good


The fur color of the Wolves range from white, brown or gray. They stand on their hind legs like humans do and unlike real wolves they have short snouts.

At SchoolEdit

The Wolves prowled around the School for Evil and punished Nevers who misbehaved. If a Never committed a crime bad enough, they were sent to the Doom Room, where The Beast, from Beauty and the Beast, punished them severely. When a Good student failed, the punishment was to be transformed into a Wolf to serve the School of Evil. This was revealed when Bane made the wish that all of the students would know the truth, which Agatha granted. During the Circus of Talents, Sophie ordered ravens to kill all of the Wolves. Two of them managed to narrowly survive, but were soon killed.


Wolves are shown to be ferocious and unforgiving, punishing students for breaking the rules.

Agatha claims that the wolves don't like foxes because they think they carry disease, and so they won't bother Sophie if she tries to cross their path when she's Mogrified into a fox.

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